VIP (2021)

  • MOGA Event Registration
  • Lapel Pin: VIP
  • Name Badge / Lanyard
  • GCmini: Event (Regular Edition)
  • PathTag: Event Tag
  • Bag (to hold swag)
  • Event Shirt
  • Geocoin: Event (Regular Edition)
  • Geocoin: Bigfoot (Regular Edition)
  • GCtag: Event Tag
  • Embroidered Patch
  • Geocoin: Bigfoot (Limited Edition)
  • PathTags: Set of 5
  • Geocoin: Event (VIP Edition)
  • Geocoin: Award Medal (VIP Edition)
  • Geocoin: BBB GeoTour (Special Edition)
  • GCmini: MOGA VIP Only coin
  • GCtag: MOGA VIP Only tag
  • Competition Tools *
  • VIP Services **

* Total Trackables does not include any optional addons below.

Note: GCmini are mini Geocoins produced by the AFK/SwagFactory group. GCtags are full color printed tags on beaded chains produced by the AFK/SwagFactory group. Both are trackables on Geocaching!

* Competition Tools: No matter what competition you compete in, the optional “tools” will be provided at no extra charge!
** VIP Services are being developed and full details are not yet available, however, we are confident you will enjoy what we will have provided for you.

Event Shirt (2021)

Temporarily unavailable

Friends of BIGFOOT (MOGA 2021)

MOGA's Friends of Program this year, Friends of BIGFOOT!
Support the event by being a friend to the beast, you will receive a very special trackable, name recognition, and more.

Out of stock

This product is currently unavailable.
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