The Gift of MOGA (2021)


The MOGA Gift option lets you select a bundle level to gift to a friend, family member, or anyone else. You select the level you want to gift, choose to add-on “Friends of”, fill out some fields, and that is it!

We will generate a PDF gift certificate and will send it to you (and them if you choose). If you would like us to email it to them, you can select the date and time you would like them to receive it.

They will receive a nice PDF Gift Certificate that will have a code on it. They will know the level you selected to give them and will note if you included the “Friends of.” Don’t worry! #1 If they want to go to a higher level they just pay the difference (example: you gift Gold but they want VIP, they can just pay the difference to upgrade.) #2 If you do not include the “Friends of”, then we never mention this on the PDF.

All PDF Gift Certificates are manually reviewed to make sure no errors. Please allow 12 hours from the time of order to the soonest expected delivery.

Once this certificate is redeemed we will notify you, the giver, as well! Please know, this will be done manually (within 1 day) and is not an automatic process.

Shipping/Pickup: If your receiver is unable to pick up the swag at the event, we will provide them the option to let someone else (you?) to pick it up or to ship it to them within the US for FREE.

(Redemption of this gift certificate expires only when the current registration closes. If it is not redeemed within 2 weeks before registration closes, we will notify you and the receiver (if we have their email). No refunds.)


Gift a Friends of? * 

MOGA’s Friends of Program this year, Friends of BIGFOOT!
Support the event by being a friend to the beast, you will receive a very special trackable, name recognition, and more.

Delivery Information

This is whom we will tell them it is from, you can put your real name, geocaching name, any other nickname, or even “anonymous” and they will never know who gifted it to them.

You will receive a copy of this certificate, you can print and gift it to them or just keep it for the record.

Receivers real name, geocaching name or other names you address them by. This will be how we print their name on the certificate.

If you want the gift certificate to be delivered to them, if not put “NONE”

If you would like to include a message in the email that goes to the receiver, you can enter it here. If no message please put “NONE”

Enter in DATE and TIME you would like this delivered. Timezone is also helpful else it will be delivered based on Central Time Zone. You can also put in “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE” and we will generate and send it as soon as it is reviewed (within 12 hours max)

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