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Partnership Guide


Are you interested in bringing MOGA to your town? The event is flexible and we can work with you to see if it will fit! Check out the information guide and contact us.


Every organization has its own unique goals to hit, and because of this, we do not offer set sponsorship prices/packages. We custom craft each sponsorship opportunity to be the best fit for everyone. Connect with us and lets explore working together!

Vendor Booths

This is for businesses that would be generally be considered a shop or merchant.

  • Required to donate $200 (retail value) worth of products that will be used in the Give-Away.
  • If there is a cost associated with the use of tables or space, the vendor is required to pay this cost.
  • Any merchandise that you plan to sell that could conflict, be mistaken for, or coincide with branding, logos, designs, or theme of the event or associated activities must be pre-approved to make sure they will not conflict with event swag.

Info Booths

This is for Community Supporting Organizations, Example: Geocaching Clubs, Bloggers, YouTubers, GeoTrails, GeoTours, other MEGAs, etc.

  • Donation of product is appreciated but not required for the Give-Away.
  • If there is a cost associated with the use of tables or space, the vendor is required to pay this cost.
  • If you plan to fundraise, it must be approved before the event.

Brand Policy

Why do we need a Brand License Policy?

That is a good question, to put it in plain English:

Events are expensive to put on, and unfortunately, there are vendors in the community that has historically tried to take advantage of events and sell merchandise that gains them personal profit, without supporting the event. When the event loses this support we must make a choice to shut down or increase the cost to participants.

Please help support the event by only purchasing items that have been officially approved.

Personal Tags

Tag customers, read before you buy.

Tag companies are a for-profit business, even if it is believed “if the items are given not sold it is permitted” is not valid as the tag business does make a profit.

We only work with tag makers that have a give-back program, the approved tag makers are:

• GC Mini / GC Tags
• PathTags (coming soon, please wait for tag back option)

Are you a tag maker? Want to be added to this list?  Contact us, information is available at the bottom of this document.

Brand Terms of Use

“Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure” / “MOGA” and the likeness of the brand is a protected name. Use of the name, abbreviations, likeness, and/or references to the property including but not limited to the side events, website, mascots, design concepts is not permitted for commercial purposes without an explicit license consent granted.

  • Use of the above is permitted on non-commercial personal-use, “homemade” items if the items are to bring a positive view of the event. For “homemade” items donation of samples is suggested, not required.
  • Permission must be sought and documented for any use of the trademarks (homemade, personal, or commercial).
  • We reserve the right to refuse any request, for any or no reason.
  • All designs of items (personal or commercial) must be submitted for approval.
  • Items to be used for commercial purposes require paid licensing, MOQ of 500pcs per design at $1/pcs. Discounts available for sponsors.


  • An email of approval will be sent to you by the director of MOGA, showing permission has been granted.
  • Approved factory art and photos of samples of each version/type of the item are required before mass production begins.


  • Terms in this document can be updated with no warning and all updates are retroactive.
  • All fees must be paid in full before the samples being.


Violation of this document could lead to, but not limited to:

  • Ban from participation at/with MOGA, MOGA side events, celebrations, online communities.
  • Ban from participation at/with other non-related to MOGA events / activities / programs that the organizing committee members are related too.
  • DMCA takedown notices delivered to domain registrar, web hosting company, newsletter service, etc.
  • Cease and Desist Order with a motion to Surrender Product.


Payments do not guarantee sponsor, vendor, info booth, or brand license opportunity. All requests are reviewed by several teams before approved. If approved you will receive an email with the next steps. If denied, a refund will be issued and you will be notified. (Please note: a reason might not be included.) If approved, no refunds.

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