Snag the Tag (new 2021)

What is Snag the Tag is a game within Geocaching (since 2017) run by two geocachers and involves: trackables and geocoins. The game is simple, get there first, find the tag and claim it for a cool trackable geocoin prize. It combines the thrill of the hunt, a fun location and a cool trackable prize! Snag the Tag has run their own themed house games and partnered with GCHQ, mega events, web shops and geocaching organizations to run their games. For more information visit the FAQ on

Snag the Tag will be part of MOGA 2021. 100 tags will be hidden within Daviess County Kentucky and all 100 will go live at the same time. Race to get a tag, turn it in at MOGA central for a free Geocoin that will only be available via Snag The Tag!

Coins are limit to 1 per geocacher (someone with a Geocaching account) that has already logged “Attended” on the event.

Participants must have a account to participate.

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