Poker Run

Partnering with the local community, MOGA will deploy containers within the region that participants can gather a special token and return that token to MOGA Central. For each unique token returned, the participant will be delt a normal playing card. The participant with the best hand wins!

Copper Award Medals with yellow ribbons will be given to the people with the top 3 hands.

Every attendee is limited to 1 hand. If you are found trying to have more than 1 hand you maybe eliminated from MOGA activities for the event.

We will follow the Activity Late Submission Regulation posted within the MOGA Manual.


N 37 46.536 W 087 08.892

N 37 46.492 W 087 06.618 UPDATED!

N 37 46.439 W 087 07.177

N 37 46.496 W 087 06.849

N 37 46.491 W 087 06.640

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