2021 Mystery

Welcome to the Event Mystery Information Portal!

Da Rules:

The Botanical Garden is only open from 9 am to 6 pm. That Adventure Lab will go live Saturday morning. There is normally a fee, but it is being waived this weekend!

The Panther Creek Park is only open until 11 pm. The schoolhouse (in the Owensboro Adventure Lab) is only open until 10 pm.

Every other lab cache has been placed at locations that can be accessed at all hours! Anything near a business gave us the green light to have people searching after hours, and the answers are available from outside!

Please check back here periodically for updates or issues that may have arisen. Any updates will be listed in the Updates section.

The final briefcase will be in the Holiday Inn lobby or outside on the back patio. KBLAST or one of his workers will be holding it. When you think you have the combination to the briefcase, find him. He will know whether you are worthy to open the briefcase or not.

These are not just park and grab lab caches. Some of the caches at Panther Creek would be listed as 3 terrain. There are a few puzzles that may be difficult for some. Not everyone has to get every lab cache, but to get the information necessary for the Event Mystery and to open the briefcase, you will need almost all of them. I don’t believe it’s actually possible to solve all of the puzzles and open the briefcase before Saturday evening. When you solve the puzzle, you’ll understand why.

Good luck and have fun!


Panther Creek (Over the Creek) was not showing well on the Adventure lab. It is on the north side of the creek. Everyone is sharing answers, but if you want to spot it for yourself, the description should help you now! Sorry about the confusion!

5-30-21 8:10 am – All medals were claimed last night by 10pm. If you solved the puzzle after that there will be an opportunity to open the briefcase at the closing ceremonies this evening. Bigfoot received your responses but Agent KBLAST was already knocked out, so bigfoot could not “deal” with him.

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