Costume Contest

Following in the long tradition, MOGA will have an annual costume contest during the Welcome Event. A theme will be announced, and attendees are welcome to dress for the theme. At the event, you need to have your picture taken and posted for a chance to win.

Costume Theme: Hunter, Huntress, Bigfoot, Green Alien, epic tinfoil hats

Copper Award Medals with black ribbons will be given to the people with the top 3 costumes.

To vote, use your “DOOR PRIZE” tickets from your sweepstakes cards. You are permitted to vote based on the number of sweepstakes cards you have. example: 3 cards = 3 votes.

Winner is based on the number of tickets collected.

Photos will be taken on Friday night, on Sunday they will be posted with envelopes that people can drop their tickets in to vote.

We will follow the Activity Late Submission Regulation posted within the MOGA Manual.

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