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MOGA 2021 Activities Guide

MOGA Manual

The MOGA Manual is a handbook that has been developed to explain the many aspects of the event weekend. Not everything from the manual may be included each year and there may be items that are unique to a location and are listed on the activities page but is not in the manual. Remember, it is only a guide to our framework.

MOGA Kickoff Event (GC coming soon)

Friday Evening Event

Friday we will have a kick off event to the weekend. You will be able to come and pick up your registration name badge/tag, swag, and more information about how to enjoy the weekend. This is when the costume contest, will take place. Vendors and Info Booths will be setup.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you miss this event, you will still be able to pick up your stuff on Saturday and Sunday.

BBB GeoTour Celebration Event (GC coming soon)

Saturday Event

Come and celebrate one of the most unique and fun GeoTours in the world on Saturday! Details will be available on the GeoTour’s Official Website.

Barbecue, Bourbon and Bluegrass GeoTour (GC497)

Located just a short walk from MOGA Central is the Barbecue, Bourbon and Bluegrass GeoTour (GT497).

Gather up the family and friends and plan a road trip to enjoy three old-fashioned Kentucky traditions with a side of geocaching. Barbecue Mutton smoked from wood, not from a sauce, and definitely not from a bottle. Bourbon, world-renowned Kentucky Bourbon, made from a local natural limestone water source then aged in new charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Bluegrass Music completes the trio as Owensboro Kentucky is just minutes away from the home place of Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass. We invite you to experience these three traditions through the Barbecue, Bourbon, and BlueGrass GeoTour; set within the award-winning Smothers Park, located on the Scenic Ohio River.

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