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Tenative Schedule

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MOGA 2021 Friday Night (GC91062)

5 pm

Doors open to VIP Attendees
• VIPs get first access to MOGA Central and all activity information.

6 pm

Doors open to All Attendees

Registration Pickup

Costume Contest, come dressed up! (theme: Hunter, Huntress, Bigfoot, Green Alien, epic tinfoil hats)

Activity Information Available for: Poker Run, Event Mystery, Sweepstakes, Snag the Tag.

Vendors Open

9 pm

Friday Evening Closes down


BBBGT: Barbecue, Bourbon, and Bluegrass GeoTour (GC8HMYD)

Early Morning

60 MOGA Caches set to publish. 2 sets of 30 PnG mini power trails.

10 am

BBB GeoTour Event OPENS

MOGA Registrations & Swag Available for Pickup

#1 BBB GeoTour Special Edition Geocoins available to pickup for people who completed GeoTour on Launch Weekend.

#2 BBB GeoTour Special Edition Geocoins available to people who complete the GeoTour, while supplies last.

4 pm

BBB GeoTour Event ENDS

To Be Announced

Activity: Snag the Tag


MOGA MEGA Event! (GC91060) 10am - 7:30pm at MOGA Central

• Vendors Open all day at MOGA Central.

8 am - 10:30 am

MOGA Individual Competitions

11:30 am - 1":30 pm

MOGA Puzzle Competitions

2:30 pm - 5 pm

MOGA Team Competitions

6:15 pm

Turn-in Deadline:
• MOGA Sweepstakes
• Poker Run Cards
• Costume Contest Voting

6:30 pm

MOGA Closing Ceremony
• Group Photo on Pier
• MOGA Competition Winners
• Share MOGA History
• Announce next year's event
• Winners of Sweepstakes, Poker Run, Costume Contest
• No vendor operation


Early Morning

30 Cache Themed GeoTrail set to publish.

8 am - 9 am

Parting Brunch
• Free lite brunch, a pancake or two for everyone who stops in.
• Not a published event
• Back of Holiday Inn, enter from Smother's Park, not the front. Look for MOGA signs.

Maps & Floor Plans

details coming soon

Area Map

Event Central at Smother's Park

details coming soon

MOGA Central

details coming soon

MOGA Central will Friday Night and all day Saturday.

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