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To participate and receive a prize, you must be in Good Standings with MOGA.

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MOGA expects a friendly, respectful, and positive code of conduct at and during all activities, and related to MOGA activities in general. We expect participants to conduct themselves in a manner generally viewed as “Family Friendly”, in addition to participant’s gear, clothing, and any other personal branding items but be generally considered “Family Friendly.”

Fair Play

Attempting to sabotage, vandalize, etc the puzzles, activities, or other people’s engagement is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification from all MOGA activities.


Any discrepancies in relation, but not limited to, MOGA, activities, events, side events, prizes maybe subject to judgment called by the event director. If the event director makes a choice or decision, this is a final decision and will not be for debate. Again, we ask that everyone play fair and treat others with respect.


Classic Competition

Classic (Individual & Team) Competition will consist of gathering up-to 30 orienteering style punches in a timed 2-hour 30-minute competition. 

Individual Competition

Competitors will be ranked based on Age Brackets and Sex Grouping.

The Standard Award Medal Process process will be observed. Trophy Available: The Feldmeier Cup.

Team 2 Person Competition

Teams will be ranked based on Age Brackets. Age Bracket determination will be made based on: The average age of both team members will determine your age group.

New 2021: You are no longer required to stay together on the course.

The Standard Award Medal process will be observed. Trophy Available: None

Team 4 Person Competition

Teams will be ranked based on Age Brackets. Age Bracket determination will be made based on: If three team members fall in one of the three age groups, that is the group you will compete in. If your team does not have three team members in the same age group, then the average ages of all team members will determine your age group.

The Standard Award Medal process will be observed. Trophy Available: The Minnesota / MOGA Cup.


Correctly Gathered Punches

Orienteering style punches are used in Classic Competitions, these punches must be placed within the correct areas on the punch card. Any punches that are not correctly placed, including but not limited to, not punched within the correct space, not fully punched, or not in the space fully, may not be counted. This is at the discretion of the competition review team.

Classic Competition Fair Play

Participants are expected to compete equally and fair. This includes but not limited to:

  • The use of any vehicle, animal, or another mode of transportation other than on foot or a standard ADA acceptable transport option is prohibited.
  • The use of any illegal enhancement drugs is prohibited.
  • Handing your punch card off to someone else to gather punches.
  • Any person or team found altering a punch, punch container, or course in any way will be disqualified and asked to leave the event.
  • Attempting to sabotage any portion of the competition is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification from all MOGA activities.
Lost Punch Card

Losing your punch card will result in disqualification.

Must Return and Check-In

Participants are required to return and checkin with the Competition Director before leaving, even if you choose to quit and not continue. Anyone who does not return will #1 be searched for, we will call in search and rescue if needed. #2 Police will be dispatched to possible locations that the participant could be, ie: hotel room or home. We have had this happen before, and it is extremely unpleasant for everyone involved.

Returning Late

Anyone coming back after their deadline will be docked 1 punch for every 5 minutes late, up to 15 minutes. After 16 minutes, you will be disqualified. After 31 minutes, emergency rescue will be called.


The course could be monitored with staff and/or cameras. Footage gathered from cameras may be used to promote MOGA.

Puzzle Competition

The CODEBREAKER’S CHALLENGE / Puzzle Competition is a for those participants that focus on mental puzzle abilities. This is a team challenge with 1 or 2 people per team with a max of 10 puzzles to solve.

The Standard Award Medal process will be observed.


Fair Play

Participants are unable to use electronic devices, even for emergency use. Participants will be provided with pencils, pens, and extra paper to work on. Additional tools may be supplied by the Competition Supervisor. No other supplies maybe within the access range of participants. Participants will be asked to not leave the room, and can not have visitors during the competition.

Late Submissions

At the puzzle competition, there will be a count-down clock and a buzzer, any submitted work past the buzzer will lose 1 point. More than 1 minute past the buzzer is a full disqualification.

Event Mystery & Lab Caches

Behind MOGA there is always a mystery, a puzzle, something epic to discover! Started in 2010, this has historically been called the “Special Event Cache,” but will go forward known as the “Event Mystery.” MOGA will use available Lab Caches for this grand mystery. Participants may be individuals or in a team of up to 6 people. Feeling lost confused, or frustrated? The puzzle is typically designed to take some of the best puzzle solvers in the community up to 24 hours to solve…

The first clues will be released during the Friday night event, from his point it is a race to discover and solve each stage until you complete the mystery. Lab Caches / Adventure Labs are used to make up the stages. 

Copper Award Medals (up to 6 per placement) will be given to each of the first, second, and third-place teams to finish.

  • 1st Place: Copper Medal w/ Blue Lanyard
  • 2nd Place: Copper Medal with Red Lanyard
  • 3rd Place: Copper Medal with White Lanyard.

Respect venues, and their available hours. Do not do anything that could cause a bad reputation for MOGA or Geocaching.

We will follow the Activity Late Submission Regulation posted within the MOGA Manual.

Sweepstakes (No purchase necessary.)

MOGA historically has held a raffle, with tickets available for sale. Moving forward these will be free Participation Give-Aways! For each official activity that attendees participate in, they will be awarded 1 “Chinese Auction Ticket.” This is a card with a number on it and 25 rip-off tickets that the participant may use to try and win free gifts.

Copper Award Medals with Camo lanyards maybe available as prizes.

Participants may only use tickets obtained from the current MOGA activities, tickets from any previous MOGA or anywhere else is prohibited.

Handling the prizes or the ticket containers is a violation of the activity. Disqualification from MOGA activities would be at the discretion of the event director.

We will follow the Activity Late Submission Regulation posted within the MOGA Manual.

Poker Run

Partnering with the local community, MOGA will deploy containers within the region that participants can gather a special token and return that token to MOGA Central. For each unique token returned, the participant will be delt a normal playing card. The participant with the best hand wins!

Copper Award Medals with yellow ribbons will be given to the people with the top 3 hands.

Every attendee is limited to 1 hand. If you are found trying to have more than 1 hand you maybe eliminated from MOGA activities for the event.

We will follow the Activity Late Submission Regulation posted within the MOGA Manual.

Costume Contest

Following in the long tradition, MOGA will have an annual costume contest during the Welcome Event. A theme will be announced, and attendees are welcome to dress for the theme. At the event, you need to have your picture taken and posted for a chance to win.

Costume Theme: Hunter, Huntress, Bigfoot, Green Alien, epic tinfoil hats

Copper Award Medals with black ribbons will be given to the people with the top 3 costumes.

To vote, use your “DOOR PRIZE” tickets from your sweepstakes cards. You are permitted to vote based on the number of sweepstakes cards you have. example: 3 cards = 3 votes.

Winner is based on the number of tickets collected.

Photos will be taken on Friday night, on Sunday they will be posted with envelopes that people can drop their tickets in to vote.

We will follow the Activity Late Submission Regulation posted within the MOGA Manual.

Photo Contest (new 2021) #MOGAgeo

Calling all shutterbugs! We are looking for wonderful, fun, and adventurous pics that we can use to promote MOGA in the future. Post any of your photos to the Facebook Group or to the event listing on Geocaching, with the hashtag #MOGAgeo and you will have a chance to win a medal!

Copper Award Medals with tiedye ribbons will be given to the people with the top 3 costumes.

The MOGA directing team will continue to watch the event listing and the Facebook Community Group for new posts during the event. The photos must be taken while you were headed to MOGA or during the MOGA weekend.

Short videos (less than 1 minute) are also permitted.

All submitted content maybe used in future promos of MOGA.

We will follow the Activity Late Submission Regulation posted within the MOGA Manual. The deadline is posted as part of the event schedule.

Snag the Tag (new 2021)

What is Snag the Tag is a game within Geocaching (since 2017) run by two geocachers and involves: trackables and geocoins. The game is simple, get there first, find the tag and claim it for a cool trackable geocoin prize. It combines the thrill of the hunt, a fun location and a cool trackable prize! Snag the Tag has run their own themed house games and partnered with GCHQ, mega events, web shops and geocaching organizations to run their games. For more information visit the FAQ on

Snag the Tag will be part of MOGA 2021. 100 tags will be hidden within Daviess County Kentucky and all 100 will go live at the same time. Race to get a tag, turn it in at MOGA central for a free Geocoin that will only be available via Snag The Tag!

Coins are limit to 1 per geocacher (someone with a Geocaching account) that has already logged “Attended” on the event.

Participants must have a account to participate.


Age Brackets

For any competitions where age brackets are observed, we will use the following:

  • Under 30
  • 31-49
  • 50-64
  • 65 and over

Grouping by Sex

For any competitions where sex grouping is observed, we will use the following:

  • Male
  • Female

Other: We greatly respect an individual’s personal rights and ask participants to select the most appropriate option for how they are classifed.

Activity Late Submission Regulation

Unless noted otherwise, we follow a standardized “zero exception” late submissions on all activities. We will have an alarm clock setup for activity submissions and this is the official time clock, even if the time does not match your or other clocks in the area. Please check the official time clock regularly.

Award Medals

Standard Award Medals

MOGA provides award medals to participants in the Classic Competitions and the Puzzle Competition. These medals are classic 1st place “Gold”, 2nd place “Silver”, 3rd place “Bronze.”

Copper Award Medals

When activities are outside of the Standard Award Medal process then they may be eligible for the Copper Medal. This signifies that the participant(s) obtained a significant ranking in the activity.

The following activities have predetermined copper medals, signified by lanyard color.

  • Event Mystery 1st Place: Blue
  • Event Mystery 2nd Place: Red
  • Event Mystery 3rd Place: White
  • Costume Contest: Black
  • Poker Run: Yellow
  • Photo Contest: Tiedye
  • Sweepstakes: Camo

Event Mystery: up to 6 medals will be awarded for each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on the number of members within the team.

Costume Contest, Poker Run, Photo Contest: the top 3 will each receive a medal.

Sweepstakes: up to 9 medals maybe available as part of the Sweepstakes.


MOGA has 2 trophies that are awarded to participants each year. These trophies are returned before MOGA the following year and upon request, for any or no reason. This is typically for several reasons: to update the details on the trophy, to show off at a special event, or to have ready and available to display at the next MOGA competition. MOGA must be kept aware of the location of the trophies at all times. More detailed information can be found about the trophies on the Legacy page.

  • The Minnesota / MOGA Cup: Awarded to the overall best 4-Person, Classic Competition Team.
  • The Feldmeier Cup: Awarded to the overall best Individual in Classic Competition.

Best is considered based on the lowest time, most correctly gathered punches, and finish in good standing.

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