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The MOGA Legacy Page

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MOGA History

Rich Wendling “web-ling” held an orienteering event that featured Geocaching at Lake Bridgeport, just north-west of Fort Worth Texas on March 29th, 2003. 2003 Texas State Geocaching Extravaganza (GCC025). Mike Griffin (Brawny Bear), along with his friend Bruce (BruceS) attended the event from the St. Louis area. Excited and inspired by what he has seen, Mike returned home and started to plan a similar event that would take place in the spring of 2004.

On March 19th, 2004 at Hawn State Park in Missouri, MOGA was birthed! Originally named “MIGA” / “Midwest Invitational Geocaching Competition”, the event featured an orienteering course, designed for Geocachers using handheld GPS units.

... more to come.

The MOGA Trophies

The Minnesota / MOGA Cup

The Feldmeier Cup

The retired MOGA Directors team

Mike Griffin (Brawny Bear)

2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Tim Ueltzen (Tim, Pam and Molly)


John & Laurie Elfrank (L Frank)

2010, 2011, 2019, 2020

Richard Buman (bumanfam)


Tom Hankins & Pam Rankin (gossamar & racer2814)


Lenie Holbrook (illinitrekker)


Dane Morgan & Martha Koeller (Don't Call Me Sir & gone2thedogs)


Jesse Tuttle (KingAFK)

2016, 2021

Ryan Semmel (Semmels123)


Brady Holmes & Coby Boring (bjmccacher & TwoFingersDown)


Steve Bromley


Michael Maryan (The Mad Chef)

On-site Competitions

Record of previous MOGA Events

2004 GCGZ0B MO Hawn State Park
2005 GCKR4A MO Meramec State Park
2006 GCQVE5 IL Pere Marquette State Park
2007 GCYJ1T MO Mark Twain Lake
2008 GC167P0 MO Mark Twain Lake
2009 GC1DRV3 MO Mark Twain Lake
2010 GC1TF5K MO Mark Twain Lake
2011 GC2EWFJ IL Rend Lake
2012 GC2QM9C IA Rathbun Lake
2013 GC3GN2E IL Lake Shelbyville
2014 GC491R5 OH Strouds Run State Park
2015 GC511F1 MO Trail of Tears State Park
2016 GC5KYNP OH East Fork State Park
2017 GC6A1AA KS Lazy T Ranch
2018 GC701KJ NE Pioneers Park
2019 GC7YV5W MO Mark Twain Lake
2020 GC8F5VF MO Mark Twain Lake
2021 GC91060 KY TBA
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