Typical Event Schedule

It is true that the event is unique from year to year, however, we like to follow a standard format as much as possible. This document shows a “standard event schedule.”

Time of Year

MOGA has happened in the early spring, Memorial Day weekend, and even in the fall! However the majority of the time MOGA is within 2 weeks before Palm Sunday or within 2 weeks after Easter.

Standard Schedule

Welcome Event / Pickup Day(s)

When? Typically Friday.

MOGA Attendees will be able to pick up their participation packets and swag orders before the Main Event Day. Typically but not always this will be a short 4-hour event. This is where the poker run and event cache details are typically shared and participants may start them.

04:00pm: Doors open to VIP Registered attendees.

05:00pm: Doors open to the general public.

09:00pm: Closing time.

Main Event Day

When? Typically Saturday.

08:00am-10:30am: Individual Competition.

09:00am: MOGA Central Opens

11:30am-01:30pm: Puzzle Competition.

02:30pm-05:00pm: Team Competition

06:15pm: Poker Run closes

06:15pm: Event Cache entry acceptance closes

06:15pm: Costume Contest Voting closes

06:15pm: Ticket Acceptance for Give-Away closes

06:30pm: Closing Ceremony, starts.

  • Remarks about the weekend.
  • Competition Standings and award medals/trophies. Individual -> 2 Person -> 4 Person
  • Event Cache winner.
  • Poker Run winner(s).
  • Closing remarks.
  • Announce next year.
  • Display Give-Away winners.

08:00pm: Closing Ceremony, ends.

Parting Event(s)

When? Typically Sunday.

MOGA will typically have 2 activities on the day after the Main Event Day.

  • CITO Event: A group area cleanup to give back to the local community.
  • Breakfast/Brunch: Based on the location, sponsors, volunteers, and other support, MOGA may provide a free breakfast/brunch to attendees.
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