Information Guide to Hosting MOGA

Are you looking to bring a fun and exciting opportunity for your area? MOGA (Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure) is a traveling Geocaching Event that attracts attendees from around the world to complete in timed competitions. For those people who like the sense of adventure but are not much into the extreme outdoor competition, there are several activities, side events, and engagement opportunities that we bring!

One of the most popular extra activities is the Poker Run. Participants will scavenger hunt set locations for plastic cards to collect and bring back for a chance to win a cool prize. What kind of locations are used? That is your pick! Local historical sites, mom and pop shops, public works of art, etc.

MOGA typically brings more than 1,000 attendees and averages an economic impact of more than +$250,000 to a hosting area!

What is expected of a host?

If you are selected to host the next MOGA event, here is what will be expected. However please remember that any of the following you can not fulfill is not a problem, we can work together to provide the support and staff you need!

  • Working with the local Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Bureau, City/County.
  • Arrange hotel room blocks.
  • Find and arrange venues listed in the “Venues Needed” document.
  • Event rental supplies (tables / tents / etc.)
  • Local volunteers.

What support is provided by MOGA HQ?

MOGA HQ has built and run this event, local and at a distance. We know this event inside and out and are able to step in and do any portions that the current host needs assistance with. Additionally, we bring:

  • The brand.
  • The expertise.
  • All the gear needed to make the event function.
  • Website, registration systems.
  • Product development, ordering, and distribution at and after the event.

More Information

Check out these links to learn more about what it takes to host a MOGA Event in your area.

Ready to Bid

MOGA gets several bids per year to host, we can only select 1! If you have reviewed all the information and you are excited to bring MOGA to your town, fill out the Bid Application now!

Deadline for 2022: April 1st 2021.

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